I am inspired by COLOR and music, materials and mixed media, pop culture, social and political issues and the human spirit that inspires risk-takers and innovators. 

Why color? Color affects everyone of us in multiple, conscious and subconscious ways. We experience and react to color much like music. I strive to create a visual language of experience, memory and emotion. I continuously react to what is on the canvas, whether that canvas is wood, paper, cloth; pushing or instigating the next action in the painting process.  Inspired by my chosen colors, I use a mixture of brushes, towels and spray bottles. I paint quickly with multiple layers of colors and swift gestures. I drip, scrape, brush and splatter. Composition, design, mood, atmosphere, and color propel me just as much as the subject matter.

I know one of my pieces is finished when I stand back and squint my eyes. If all the colors work with, or even against, each other to keep my eyes searching for the next “great moment,” then I know I am done and this work is ready to be shared.