Designer Maggie O'Neill reimagines iconic Willard Hotel

Designer Maggie O'Neill walks News4's Tommy McFLY th... Read More

The First Ladies Exhibit by Maggie O'Neill

Sofitel has exclusively collaborated with celebrated... Read More

The Liberty of Color

Bourbon Steak DC is thrilled to announce its partner... Read More

‘The Liberty of Color,’ Vibrant Display for Inclusivity, Diversity at Bourbon Steak

The Four Seasons Hotel’s Bourbon Steak partnered wit... Read More

51 fearless girls on US Capitol grounds

A local Washington, D.C artist, Maggie O'Neill, is u... Read More

Washington Post: Style Guide

This month, Maggie O'Neill kicked off a campaign to ... Read More

Maggie O'Neill Art Studio

The local pop impressionist artist has run a gallery... Read More

Cover of the New York Times

President Obama visited 1776, a tech start-up hub in... Read More

The freshest design is feminine

That was what Swatchroom designer Maggie O’Neill’s c... Read More

TedX Pearl Street | What If Color Is the Answer?

What if color is the answer? To gather data on this ... Read More

The Stories Behind D.C.'s Street Art

Read on for our curated selection of some of the ess... Read More

Designed by a group of women artists in D.C.

Honors the city’s history of protests, inspired espe... Read More

Maggie O'Neill Opens New Art Studio

WASHINGTON ABC7 — Maggie O’Neill is one of DC’s most... Read More

Restaurant design post-pandemic

If you’ve been to a restaurant in the past year, cha... Read More

Pandemic Is Changing Restaurant Design

Designers are faced with a new set of challenges, fr... Read More

Dance It Out: Interactive exhibit & activation

Book a private disco session to alleviate stress and... Read More

A Day in the Life:

An artist and an architect meet in DC, each with the... Read More

Studio: Creative Dynamo

Co-founder of DC’s Swatchroom, artist Maggie O’Neill... Read More

D.C. Dream Day

Maggie O’Neill hunts for vintage clothes, Mexican fo... Read More

Local Artist Talks New Disco Ball Collection

Featuring disco balls of varying styles, the artist’... Read More

The Wharf’s First Gallery

As the weather turns gray, Maggie O’Neill warms up t... Read More

Best-Dressed People in Washington Right Now

“It looked like Wonder Woman at the disco, which is ... Read More

District of Colors

In 1968, Sam Gilliam held his first solo exhibition ... Read More

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