Services Offered

Does Maggie do speaking engagements?

Yes! Maggie loves to speak :) Speaking engagements start around $500. Please email with day, time, organization, etc.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Does Maggie live paint?

Only in her studio! If you are looking for a live painter, we are happy to refer you to an artist that is right for your event.

Does Maggie donate prints to charitable organizations?

Yes, every year Maggie donates 2 open series paper prints; Please email to put a request in.

Do you offer delivery and installation?

We offer free delivery to all orders of 5k in the DMV area. For orders under 6k we offer a courier fee of $150.00. If you are interested in installation please . Email and we will connect you with some installers.

Do you rent your artwork?

We are working on a rental program. If you are interested please email us. 

Does Maggie offer art lessons?

She does not, but we can refer you to some great local artists that do.

Does Maggie paint murals or public art?

Yes, Maggie does public art.  Please email email us with more information.

Does Maggie produce corporate gifts?

Yes, we have had the privilege of producing gifts for many companies in the DC area and U.S. Please email for more information.