Sketchbook "Fearless Girl" - Style 2



All 51 Sketchbook Fearless Girls were part of my first public art installation, Vote For Your Daughter. To learn more click here. 
  • There are three different ways in which you can complete your Sketchbook "Fearless Girl". Please scroll to the bottom to see all of your option images.
    • As is "statue format" with commemorative plaque - 3-4 week timeline
    • Mount and frame with commemorative plaque - 4-6 week timeline
    • Acrylic box and stand - If you are interested in this option please fill out the Get in Touch Form below.
  • The final size of the framed Fearless Girl ranges from 36" x 60" - 36" x 72"
  • Proceeds from your purchase will go towards the next installation & the national campaign. 

Once you have made your Fearless Girl selection you will be contacted by a member of our team to finalize framing, background selection and delivery/shipping. You will be charged $50 for the standard courier fee to the DMV area. We will be in touch if you require custom shipping. 

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